Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos Interviewed by Cathy Newman of British Public Service Channel 4

Milo Yiannopoulos is challenged on alt-right, Breitbart’s headlines, his beliefs on feminism, and so-called “post-fact era” in an interview by Cathy Newman.

In this interview on British public-service television network Channel 4 News, Yiannapoulos is accused of supporting a post-fact era, but Yiannapoulos said he is just making observations about the post fact era — an era when the news audience can’t just listen to facts, because the audience wants persuasion and charisma.

Initially, Yianapoulos was asked to define alt-right, which he replied is an exciting new movement of conservatism — nationalists and populists — that care about immigration, trade, and they hate political correctness.

Cathy Newman fired questions in the interview, but didn’t seem to interact with any of Milo’s answers, and didn’t even allow him to answer. About the only response she appeared to listen to was Milo’s definition of alt-right. The session was more of a scolding than an interview. She asked about a title Milo wrote that told women to log off the Internet if they are offended online. Newman ignored his explanation that the title was satire. He asked, “you can’t here the humor in that?” Judge for yourself about Milo’s Breitbart titles here.

Newman used the opportunity of the interview to “expose” Yiannapoulos and then connect him to Breitbart’s former chairman Steve Bannon, who she explained is at the center of power as the upcoming “Chief Strategist in the White House.” She also asked Yiannapoulos if he is concerned that Bannon is at the center of power.

Yiannapoulos replied “no” because America has been ruled for 30 years by the Grievance Brigade, Social Justice Warriors, hand wringers, feminists and Black Lives Matter groups and other groups that are preoccupied with feelings first, and facts later.

Who Is Milo Yiannapoulos?
Yiannapoulos is currently in charge of “Breitbart Tech” and apparently makes enough discretionary income to frequently change his hair color. He has sported a variety of hair colors recently, from Anderson Cooper white to highlighted to dark brown.

Yiannapoulos is a vocal critic of feminism, Islam, political correctness, social justice, and other movements and ideologies he claims are authoritarian and belonging to the “regressive left”.

He has drawn a lot of criticism on political tour on college campuses, including DePaul University, where he toured this summer and was banned after DePaul officials determined his rhetoric was “inflammatory” during his student activist appearance, which created a “hostile environment” on campus. His upcoming tour dates include Ohio University, UW-Milwaukee, UC Davis, University of Colorado Boulder, California Polytechnic State University, University of California Berkeley, UCLA and University of San Diego.

Yiannopoulos was raised in Kent in southern England. He is gay and is described as a practicing Catholic. He’s been involved in several controversies in the tech world with negative reviews of gamers resulting in threats against him.

His Twitter account was suspended several times prior to being permanently banned last summer (2016) after he was accused of encouraging harassment of an actress/comedienne Leslie Jones, who starred in the movie Ghostbusters (2016). The Twitter ban prompted a #FreeMilo campaign. In September 2016 classified Yiannapoulos as a “famous Internet troll”.

Milo Receives Annie Taylor Award For Courage at David Horowitz Restoration Weekend (Data Alert: 29 minutes).

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