Yes, Apple Got Rid of the Traditional Headphone Jack in New iPhones

Apple’s new wireless earbuds offer up to 5 hours of battery life and will be available in late October for $159.

Apple now sell iPhones with no traditional headphone jack, replacing the jack with the lightning connector that is also used to charge the iPhone. This means you can’t charge the iPhone while listening to music or talking on the phone. A third party company, Tama Electric, is introducing an adapter that will charge the iPhone while the headphones are plugged into its lightning connector or its traditional headphone jack. More third-party companies are certain to follow with adapters, and they provide more revenue to Apple as they pay a fee to be able to provide a licensed adapter for the iPhones. The dongle that Apple includes that allows users to use their old wired headphones doesn’t provide charging capability.

Apple introduced wireless AirBuds for $159, so a user could operate the wireless headphones while the phone is charging, but the AirBuds only last 5 hours of talk time per charge, and the AirBuds can’t be charged while they’re being used.

The whole headphone fiasco with Apple is designed to make more money for Apple when customers need to replace their lost dongles or lost AirBud headphones. Imagine how easy AirBuds could be stolen on a CTA train by a thief sitting behind the victim. Imagine one of the buds falling into a puddle on a wet sidewalk … or falling into a sewer grate. The AirBuds will be easy to lose, period. That’s a calculated revenue stream for Apple. They also make more money from the companies that will be licensed for ap

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