Ask Paul B: Not Much Use for Footballer’s Misguided Anger


Dear Paul B,

I am a Black American, and I am furious over all the racist comments about Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the National Anthem. He has the right, and he is demanding “some” accountability by white America about the murders of Black Americans. I welcome ANY response from you, Paul B. I hear you are even handed..

Mr. Bortem

Dear Mr. Bortem,

I respectfully acknowledge your concern over realistic or otherwise “imbalances” in police conduct in America. I am certain that the media creates much of the controversy and criticism of white on black crime responses. I hate to see ANYONE shot, anywhere, unless this person challenges an officer or innocent civilian in a “kill or be killed” manner. A young woman walking her baby was shot by a man (with his brother,) four days ago in Chicago. The woman was black and related to Dwayne Wade….Where is the fury? Where is the anger? Where are the protests from the black community? Is this “acceptable” because police were not involved? I didn’t see any protest signs lamenting the loss of this young, innocent mother of four. I am not angry with the U.S., police officers, or the NRA. I believe that Kaepernick and others of his ilk are missing the point, and not reading the statistics. Kaepernick doesn’t help resolve our problems by disrespecting our flag. He just perpetuates the divide.

I am definitely a fair minded, balanced journalist and human being. Are you? A murdered woman is be buried this week. Who will mourn her loss outside of her family? What are YOU doing about black on black crime? IT represents 92% of violent criminal fatalities. Think!

— Paul B.


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