Ask Paul B: Now All Cops Are Nuts? Don’t Think So

Dear Paul B,

I am a South Sider, an open minded person and I do NOT see just the white on black police brutality. I cannot share my thoughts openly where I live, for fear of retaliation. I feel badly for all the violence that is happening, but I don’t blame it on policemen. They are trying to just do their jobs, and don’t always get it right, but I don’t feel like I can’t trust them. I see the gangs, their guns, and the power that they have. We are all so afraid of them. The police are our only hope. When kids are “unarmed,” they are still dangerous. My brother was seriously injured when he was hit with a tire-iron, and he has never been the same. We know who did it, but we can’t tell the police. I want everyone to know that most of us haven’t given up on the CPD, the mayor, or our city council. But the gangs have to be broken up and thrown in jail..


Dear B,

My feelings are very parallel to yours. There are some bad cops, no doubt. This minority are rogues, and must be ferreted out, no doubt. Some officers are obviously not trained properly, or are so afraid, that they shoot when they should restrain themselves. They are often met with weapons that are superior to their own, and with several “shooters” who are lying in wait and high on drugs. Their jobs are quite challenging. The videos that are used do NOT always illustrate everything during the event. Lighting, sound or what others are doing outside of the cameras lens are obviously part and parcel to the officers reactions. I don’t believe video tells a complete story, always.

Picture a high speed car chase, and the driver taking off on foot. He is told to “stop or I’ll shoot” by police. This man (already a felon,) does NOT stop, but turns quickly after a long chase. It is dark, he is dangerous, and he has been asked to stop and raise his hands. He does neither. Now, he turns and reaches in his pocket. What would YOU do? I know what I would do, and I would not hesitate to shoot this person. If he does have a weapon, and shoots, then you have a dead cop. Why don’t these thugs just give up? Why are the police now at fault? Do we want this criminal to escape back to his neighborhood to be free to steal yet another car, or even kill someone next time?
We pay these officers to protect us. When they are called to respond to shots fired, or a car-jacking, rape or battery, these criminals must either surrender or face the consequences. These brave men and women risk their lives to protect and serve. Let them do their jobs.

— Paul B.


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