Backing Blue: Teen Provides ‘Backup’ for Harris County Deputy Constable at Gas Station in Texas

A Texas teen watched a deputy’s back as she pumped gas. CNN’s Deborah Feyerick spoke to McKinley Zoellner about his selfless act.

Tommi Jones Kelley, a deputy constable in Precinct 3, in Harris County, Texas was pumping gas on Thursday when Mckinley Zoellner approached her, and asked her if he could stand behind her and watch her back while the deputy constable pumped gas. He said he wanted to make sure she was safe.

Deputy Constable Kelley wrote under her post: ‘Ok, so EARLY this morning I was pumping gas in my patrol car (reason I look like a Hot Mess!)…& add it was pouring rain…
‘When this teenager I’ve never met before is standing right behind me & says, ‘ma’am, do u mind if I stand here behind you while u get ur gas?’
‘My initial response was ‘and why?’…His reply, ‘to make sure You stay safe!’
‘Finished pumping my gas & he was still standing there, in the rain.’
Then he got into the car with his mother.

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