Police Video Shows Donovan McNabb Tested for DUI Before Arrest for Suspected DUI in Gilbert, Arizona in June

Police body cam video shows former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb being questioned by officers for DUI last month. Lab tests later showed McNabb had a blood alcohol level of 0.17 — more than twice the legal limit.

In a police video of a late-night arrest on June 28, 2015, former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb tells an officer he had just left a sports bar and was driving home. In the video, McNabb replies to a police question about drinking by denying that he has been drinking, and that he’s sick and has been taking medicine for a cold. He mentions Robitussin.

“Well, first of all, I got a cold. So I’ve been on cough medicine,” McNabb says.

The police officer in the video also asks if McNabb had any recent head injuries, McNabb says, “Listen, I played football.”

Gilbert Police said lab tests show McNabb’s blood alcohol level was 0.17. The legal limit in Arizona is 0.08, and anything 0.15 or higher is classified as extreme DUI.

In this, his second DUI incident, police said McNabb’s vehicle rear-ended another vehicle driven by the wife of a Gila River tribal police officer. A police officer on the scene stated in an arrest report that McNabb’s eyes were “very bloodshot and his speech was slurred.” No injuries were reported in the crash.

McNabb was cited and released from a police facility. McNabb was ordered to pay a fine of nearly $1,500 and enter an outpatient treatment program in Scottsdale.

TMZ: “McNabb — who couldn’t have been nicer to the officers — doesn’t seem sloshed in the video … but didn’t exactly ace the eye test, which was also captured on video.”

TMZ: “Donovan McNabb was adamant he was NOT DRUNK when he was arrested for DUI in Arizona after crashing into a car stopped at a red light … despite the bottle of tequila in his trunk.”

TMZ: “McNabb doesn’t seem sloshed in the video — and couldn’t have been nicer to the officers … but in the end, cops believed McNabb was intoxicated and arrested him for DUI.”

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