Ask Paul B: Mom of Twins Worried About Neighbor’s Rottweiler

Dear Paul B,

I know you are a dog lover, and so am I. I’ll get to the point. I have twin girls, and they are 3 1/2. I live in a middle class suburb. My neighbor, who WAS a nice couple when they moved in four months ago, bought a Rottweiler puppy. I have never liked dogs, and it is my prerogative not to, right? I am terrified that my little ones will be attacked by this dog, although the neighbors say I have to “lighten up” I am beside myself, and my husband is concerned as well, but I am driving him crazy. I don’t want to move, but I am worried sick about my kids even being outside.

Can you shed some light?


Dear Kara,

Yes, I am a dog lover, but only of dogs who cannot take a persons life. I have had many heated discussions with owners of these potential killer dogs, and it is a most sickening exercise in frustration. I am told that “the child MUST have done something to upset the dog.” So, let me understand this correctly….my child has been killed by a Pit Bull, because she “deserved it? Is it me, or have dog lovers gone completely mad? Dog owners are NOT conscientious, responsible or bright, all the time. Dogs that can lock onto a child’s or adults neck until that person is dead, is a most dangerous “accident waiting to happen.” There are at least 339 types of dog breeds, and I KNOW that any dog lover can find a dog whose “worse day” will not result in one’s death. If you research the Rot’s and Pit’s history, you will find that there have been hundreds of attacks, and many of them result in life-changing events, as well as death. I love my Shih-tsu, and my lady friend’s collie. By the way Kara, your neighbor MUST have his dog on a leash AND have a six foot fence in most municipalities. Please check to see if your town has such requirements. I would NOT hesitate to call the police when they are not obeying the law. PEOPLE are way, way, way more important than dogs. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it! I won’t back down.

— Paul B.


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