Clear Channel Outdoor Releases Megascreen in Front of Marriot Marquis Marquis Hotel, Times Square

A megascreen was lit up Tuesday night in front New York’s Marriot Marquis hotel. It’s billed as Times Square’s biggest and most expensive digital billboard.

Clear Channel Outdoor’s Harry Coghlan explains a new state of the art megascreen digital billboard that was activated in Times Square this week.

Features …

Crowd Cameras with capability for the crowd to interact with the screen.

Mobile Application that can interact with the screen.

Broadcast capabilities


Clear Channel Outdoor launches ‘Connect’, the first global out-of-home mobile interactive advertising platform.

Clear Channel Outdoor is bringing a global interactive mobile advertising platform Connect, which uses NFC tags or QR codes on advertising panels at pedestrian-accessible sites. The initial deployment to U.S. markets was June 2014. Clear Channel Outdoor plans to reach nearly 175 million consumers monthly across the globe.

Bus shelters and street-level advertising structures located in shopping malls and airports, will have Connect tags that are permanently attached to digital or static panels. Consumers can tap or scan their smartphone over the NFC tag or QR code, which will send the consumer about the online brand they’re seeking.

Advertisers and planners that opt to use Connect will have access to the data and metrics that Clear Channel Outdoor captures, including date, time, location, clickthroughs and even the mobile device used.

Connect initially launched in Singapore, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands and the U.K.