“Alright Goodnight” Malaysia Airway MH370 Deliberate Action; Crash in Ocean? or Landed Discretely?

One week later, the search grows as questions surround Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. CNN’s Alexandra Field reports.

Little facts are known, but Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Saturday that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 jet was steered off course after its communications systems were intentionally disabled and could have potentially flown for seven additional hours.

If the plane traveled along the southwest, instead of the area where the initial search to the east was conducted, it would have spent nearly all of its flight time over the Indian Ocean as it headed to an area west of Australia. If the Boeing 777ER traveled the northern path, the aircraft would had to evade detection (possibly by zig-zaggin) for hours while flying through an airspace that is heavily monitored. Afghanistan (including the United States Bagram Airfield), India, Myanmar, Pakistan, and western China all monitor the area.

Malaysian investigators believe that someone onboard the Boeing-777 airliner, en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China with 227 passengers, deliberately cut a series of communications systems as the aircraft headed toward the boundary of Malaysian airspace. U.S. officials and aviation experts say the plane could have been hijacked by somebody with aviation knowledge or sabotaged by a crew member. Many independent aviation and terror/security experts, speaking on national news programs, expressed that they believe the United States government knows much more about the incident, but has not released what intelligence is known.

 MH370 TOOK 1 OF 2 PATHS … 

Classified analysis shows that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could have taken one of two paths in the Indian Ocean.

New York Times’ Matthew L. Wald offers his insights into the challenges facing the investigation into missing Flight 370.


A friend of Flight 370’s pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah talks with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

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