Apple iOS 7 Is So Bad It’s Terrible: Many Call for Apple to Stop Ruining Apple, Jony Ive, Jonathan Ive?

The World Redesigned by Jony Ive by “Loud and Jaded” who describe the new iOS as the world’s best acid trip — and are right on target while lampooning Apple’s out of touch iOS 7 interface.

If you haven’t upgraded to Apple iOS 7, please don’t. We’ve heard a lot of Mom’s in Arlington Heights are holding out. They are smart enough to avoid iOS 7 upgrades with failing Wi-Fi, cutoff text, missing DECLINE buttons during phone calls while iPhone screens are locked, drastically slowed-down iPhones and iPads, rapidly-draining batteries, blindingly ugly icons and wallpapers, blurring, failed Siri function, nauseating parallax, and other migraine-inducing features.

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iOS 7 Beta: An Estrogen-Addled Mess Designed for 13 Year Old Girls
Technology and Other Musings ^ | June 12, 2013 | Jim Lynch
Posted on 9/27/2013 1:08:53 PM by Jeff Chandler

But my eyes!!! It felt like someone had dragged a cheese grater across my eyeballs when I saw the iOS 7 home screen, with its horrendous icons that looked like they were designed by Lisa Frank!

Following are the over-hyped introductions of Apple’s iO7 and iPhone and iPad. Loyal Apple customers regard the pretentious description of the Apple interface and the obsession with thinness as ridiculous. For many, the emphasis on style over substance is “depressing.” There are some ridiculous defenses of the flat interface, such as skeuomorphism of the Apple icons are no longer necessary because everyone knows now how to use a touch interface. The elite explain that in the “old days” mere casual tech users didn’t understand how icons were used to touch and gain access to a command. Critics counter-reply that Apple has mimicked the flat interface of Microsoft 8 and Surface, instead of being the usual classy, leader that has brought Apple its tremendous success.

Apple with Jony Ive – iOS 7 – Introduction. Ive: “The use of translucency give YOU a sense of your context” — no it doesn’t it disorients.

Apple with Jony Ive – Introducing iPad Air. Profound? “We’re often faced with a paradox when we design, to make products smaller and lighter, while at the same time, more powerful.”

Apple with Jony Ive – Introducing iPhone 5c – For the colorful. OK, you’ve made a iOS 7 to integrate with the cheesy colors of the iPhone 5c for teenage girls, now how about giving us back a rich iOS 7 with the classic, luxurious design of the iPhone 5s?

“I just thought that I had a stomach virus or something–with intense nausea–and it began after I started using iOS7″.

— Lisa Singer, New York-based casting producer

I didn’t buy an iPhone 5 only to find out that they were making me look at a 15 year old girl’s screen a year later! Who came up with the bubble gum palette? I don’t get migraines but PLEASE give us options!

— Arteste

I’m surprised Apple didn’t include a Unicorn animation flying across the screen,
or a tick-me Elmo icon.

— Jim Mauro

Dittos, after owning an original iPhone, a 3GS, 3G, and the 4, after upgrading to iOS 7, as a test for the possible purchase of an Apple 5S, I’m seriously thinking of switching to an Android phone, I can NOT read 1/2 the new thin, grey on white and white on grey text that some short sighted Apple Product Manager (whom should be fired over this) decided to color code iOS 7 in. My brain now hurts, and this is only the 3rd day with this OS, I can only hope my doctor has good drugs for me for the migraines.

— iRick7425

I had an update in settings and thought I had to update, I hate it, can it be undone?

— sdjagf

I too hate the new look! It looks CRUDE ! Pls give us an option to revert back to old look and feel.

— Ejavier

Apparently, customer preferences, choices, or options have little to do with management decisions. FaceTime is now the only Apple feature I enjoy.

— Cre8tve1

It’s cheap, nasty, tacky, hard to read… Massively disappointing and am disgusted that there is no option to keep my old look. I have submitted feedback as suggested… PLEASE ADD YOUR FEEDBACK if you haven’t already… Been an iPhone fan since the beginning but AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING CHANGING PHONES AND ABANDONING APPLE – ios 7 is just yukky!

— AnneBury

I’m sick and tired of the lag on the keyboard.

— Rob Hancox

I too am desperately looking for a way to downgrade. ios7 is very disappointing.

— Sneechy

This new update is AWFUL !!!! Not only is it ugly…more importantly its freezing and working slow! There is nothing good about it. I am SO SORRY i did this update… must find a way to uninstall it or i will freak.

— cwwinnie2

Ironically, Apple was always considered the leader in computing in giving the user the best experience.

The complaints of too bright, boring, and bland a screen underscore a strange turn for Apple, who normally wow their audience. (Actually, I find it annoying. For the first time, I reduced my brightness by 40% since, after an hour, I was tired of looking at an all white screen in every Apple app I used. Bleh.)

Samsung and all must be loving this new iOS.

— marysplacestudio

The colours are hideous, the layout is flat, it has no definition when you look at it. It is one grey bland layout with flat overly bright and garish colours.

— Heliecopter

I would love to revert – not because of the look (it’s liveable with but like some kindergarten toy) but because it’s incredibly buggy particularly on my iPad. Don’t they check things before releasing them?!

— sue2459

The computer programmers must be bored….so in the previous iO6 we could tap the top of the screen to auto scroll up to the top of the messaging window to see a CALL tab. One would simply touch the call tab and a call would initiate. It was a simple two touch process and very efficient. Now in iO7 one must touch the Contact tab at the top right of the screen. Once pressed it brings up a sub menu bar with a phone icon, a video camera icon and an info icon. One then must press on the phone icon, then yet another sub menu appears from the bottom with several options one of which is to make a voice call. One must press the Voice Call tab to activate a call. So….the CS programmers were overthinking…unless I am missing something and I am well aware of Siri, but instead of two taps to make a call in a message window, now one must make three taps. Computer Science Programmers primary function is to make the code and the software/hardware that utilizes it as efficient and user friendly as possible. While the new method of making a call from a message window works, overall it is like the rest of the new iO7….most of it is smoke and mirrors…with thinner fonts and different colors…where buttons, tabs etc were round or square, it seems they are simply reversed, like the phone keypad…the buttons are now round yet were square in iO6.

— hughmcjr

I have read responses and gotta say….what a shame there is no way to go back. I will be dumping my new ipad for my old ipad. When they fix it, maybe I will come back. App vendors, no more of my money sorry. Apple screwed you too. I will not browse the web with this interface. Looks like Boeing made the right decision not to use apple tablet in their new space vehicle. Watching what they choose, maybe going that way with my next tablet.

— Owen00000

Ellen discussed her updated iPhone with her audience, and her suggestions for how to improve it.

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