Ask Paul B: Wonderful Cops, Seat Belts and Crashes

Dear Paul B Fans,

When do you see these two words together….Wonderful Cops? You probably don’t see it nearly enough, if at all. I am as fair-handed as anyone that I know, and I call it exactly the way I see it…Let me fill you in on the motive and inspiration of this story… I was stopped, and duly ticketed in Arlington Heights in 2004, and I was bloody angry. There was a cadre of A.H. Policemen at Windsor and Palatine Rd…and they were standing around as drivers were stopped at the light. As they peered into our cars, we were told to pull over at the next intersection, and you can guess why we were singled out—NO SEAT BELTS…”It’s my life…isn’t it? You let people drink til they’re dead,and that’s alright,so… what’s the problem? There are seat-belt laws and we are enforcing them. Well, I was fit to be tied, but I took it like a man, and went to court. I asked for probation and received such. I wasn’t happy about the $55 court fees, BUT I did wear my seat belt afterwards. Heck, my kids needed to wear them, so why shouldn’t I? After all, I didn’t want to be a sap, and get caught again.. I was angered, but I sometimes need a “jolt or two” before I become educated. Less than nine months later, I am involved in a collision with a truck, whereas my two month old Maxima exploded on impact. The Des Plaines officer told me that I was lucky that I was wearing my seat belt. My airbag deployed and I am certain that my belt was a life-saver.

Do we really need to wear seat-belts? We most certainly do. Do we need to obey speed limits? You bet! Do we need policemen on the street to remind us of the consequences? You bet your hind parts we do. Nuff said, folks. They’re doing their jobs….Lets do ours…buckle up..don’t speed and try not to honk at Seniors because they drive a little slower than we’d like them to drive (I’m guilty as charged…)

Paul B


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