Ask Paul B: Are We SYRIaUS? and Something a Little Strange About Bashar al-Assad

Wow. I am so floored by the recent media talk, and actions now approved for this conflict in Syria. It is horrible, no doubt, that there are thousands losing their lives in this war-torn country. Assad, a terrorist/despot/war-monger/president, is hell bent on maintaining his grip over his position as Syria’s “leader” I am not so certain that the several militant groups that oppose him will not wreak even more terror among the innocent. Knowing that these factions, whose agendas are unknown to many of us, how can we now agree that “dropping bombs, and showing OUR MILITARY MIGHT, is the best resolution. Does the murder of thousands of more innocents prove anything to anyone? Are boots on the ground a better answer militarily than this course of action? I am not in favor of either path to destruction. I am saddened and moved by the enormous loss of life in Syria. This is why I write; this country allows us to state our opinions freely. This is a democratic society. I truly believe that we cannot preach our “democracy” to those who will not accept it. Freedom is a wonderful existence, but many in the world do not agree. which is indeed sad, in and of itself. The only suggestion that I can offer up is a demand to Assad that he step down immediately or be captured and tried for crimes against humanity. Assad’s birthday, no less, is September 11th … if you’re superstitious. God help us all….


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