Ask Paul B: Old Friends — Not Just OLD PEOPLE!

Dear Paul B,

About two years I was contacted by some people from my graduating class to get together. I was reluctant, because I wasn’t very popular and didn’t feel like I “belonged,” but mulled it over with my daughter. She insisted that I attend, and that I had nothing to lose. I’d lost my husband and a best friend recently, and went along, just to appease her. I can’t explain how wonderful this event was for me. I had forgotten how nice many of my classmates were, and they took me in like a family member. We spoke for hours, way after my bedtime. I am now very close with two ladies, and one gentleman, who calls me quite often. I believe that we could be closer than friends, one day. My life is richer because of my re-connection with my past. It’s funny how you perceive people from 55 years ago, and now realize how our lives have paralleled one another. I owe my daughter so much for pushing me to go. You really have to get out there and “press the flesh,” or your life can be quite lonely. I hope others read this and learn a lesson.



Dear Paige,

So enlightening to hear your amazing experience. We all need to “get into the game” which simply requires saying YES to invitations. Go to lunch with a friend or neighbor. Stop into the library each week when they have a book review. Shop with a friend at the mall. Join book clubs or go for a walk. I recently had dinner with some friends from long ago, and they are now my close friends once again. I hope to see them often, as they are a significant part of my past, with rich and meaningful memories. Let us bridge that past, present and future to create a fuller, more active and richer life for our future. Old friends are the Best Friends. Get out there, ya’ll…Life is Happening!

Paul B

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