Surveillance Video Shows 10-Yr-old Brandishing Realistic-Looking Handgun in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Police Department surveillance tape shows three boys pointing a gun at pedestrians on the street in broad daylight. The incident occurred in the Tioga section of Philadelphia on Monday. Police suggest the gun was either a toy gun or a BB gun. The youngest male, 10-years-old, turned himself in on Wednesday. Authorities continue to search for other two suspects.

Philadelphia Police report they questioned a 10-year-old boy believed to be the boy in a video pointing a semi-automatic handgun replica at one girl and later a U.S. Marine. Police were able to determine that the gun is a realistic replica of a semi-automatic weapon.

The boy was brought to the police station by his parents, where he was questioned and later released. After questioning, police were still looking for two other suspects that were with the boy.

In the video, the boy was wearing a backpack, red T-shirt and shorts, near 16th and Ontario Streets in the Tioga section of Philadelphia around 6:30 p.m. Monday.