Ask Paul B: Big Gulp, Cigs, Guns … Connection?

Dear Paul B,

Are we now citizens of Russia? Is BIG BROTHER finally taking over our lives? I hate this scoundrel, Bloomberg..Who does he think he is, telling us how much we can drink or if we can buy cigarettes? He has a lot of nerve, doesn’t he? Why doesn’t he just lock us up in concentration camps…. What do you think about this attack on Americans? You haven’t said much….



Dearest Shirley,

You are NOT going to like my sentiments and opinion at all. I haven’t said much about this, because my focus has been on the GUNS!!! GUNS are killing innocent people, who are bothering nobody, especially children! I sincerely hope that Bloomberg targets (pun definitely intended) guns next! It is so very obvious to me that AMERICANS are bulging out of their clothes, irresponsible beyond belief regarding guns, sugar and cigarettes. I don’t want these irresponsible folks to shoot me, depend on me when they acquire Diabetes or emphysema or lung cancer! I am trying my best to resist all these temptations that will certainly lead to a significant decline in my health, and perhaps an early death. I do NOT wish that my kids are lured in my cigarette displays at the check out counter. They look like fun, are cheap enough to buy, without my knowledge, and are a nasty habit. I do NOT wish that my two kids drink so much damn sugar at one time that they cannot focus in school, as well as cost me thousands of “gold dollars” to fill their teeth. I really don’t feel like I am in Communist China (Russia no longer being the leader in Communism) I respect that Mr. Bloomberg cares about these kids (and many adults) who are NOT able to resist these “special prices for a 16 oz. or 32 oz. Big Gulps.” Cigarettes are a danger to everyone, so why throw it in our face? Nobody is stopping us from purchasing them. If you want them, smoke your lungs out, Shirley. Role models are obviously not an issue with you. You probably don’t have kids, right? I DO!!! I can’t tell my kids not to smoke drink or be obese if I am!! They will laugh right in my face, as they should. Set an example, and help Bloomberg to help ourselves.. Look around next time you’re on the street, and you will see that more than 50% need help.

Paul B

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says a judge’s decision to strike down New York City’s groundbreaking ban on big sugary drinks is merely a ‘temporary setback.’

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing legislation that would require retailers to keep tobacco products in concealed places. The legislation is expected to be introduced to the City Council on Wednesday.


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