Warehouse Fire Destroys Hundreds of Boats, Cars and RVs in Mishawaka, Indiana

A warehouse filled with more than 200 cars, boats and Rv’s burned in a massive fire in Mishawaka, Indiana on Monday night. No injuries have been reported.

Mishawaka, Indiana firefighters responded right across the street to the RMG Foundry building at 500 North Union Street — across from the Mishawaka Fire Station, and also on Union Street. The building — a former manufacturing plant for iron castings that was currently being used for a storage warehouse for 200 to 250 boats, cars and RVs — was quickly engulfed in flames.

No injuries were reported.

In September 2012, residents of Mishawaka, Indiana, were evacuated from their homes when an industrial fire sent a chemical cloud over a neighborhood. Residents near the plant were told to turn off air conditioners and close windows, and were then told to evacuate.

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The building that burned is just to the northeast of the fire station, and just to the northeast of the bend in 7th Street (the second building east of Union Street on the north side of 7th Street).

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