Film Director Adam Strange Attacked, Killed by Shark Near Muriwai Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

A shark, possibly 14 feet long, killed a swimmer near a popular New Zealand beach while more sharks swarmed the area on Wednesday. The shark rolled and disappeared with the man in his jaws after police attempting to save the man fired gunshots at the enormous predator.

A shark, most likely a Great White Shark, attacked a man, identified as filmmaker Adam Strange, near Muriwai Beach near Auckland, which was closed after the fatal attack. Adam Strange is well-known for a short film “Aphrodite’s Farm.”

Adam Strange is also the name of a fictional superhero published by DC Comics.

Just one week ago, The Cardinal published a video promoting GoPro cameras, which showed a woman swimming with a Great White Shark. A 14-foot shark could weigh about 3,000 to 4,000 pounds.

GoPro: A Blonde and a Great White Shark (See The Cardinal A Blonde and a Great White Shark: Freediver Ocean Ramsey).

Last year there were seven fatal shark attacks attached to territorial waters of a country — one in the United States, three in Australia, and three in South Africa. An additional four fatal shark attacks in non-territorial water in 2012 brought the worldwide total to eleven.

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