VIDEO: Two Killed in Fatal Crash Involving Helicopter and Crane in Central London

First two videos: Site of deadly helicopter crash in Vauxhall, London.

A helicopter flying in fog crashed into a construction crane atop a new luxury residential building Wednesday, January 16, 2013 and fell to the street — falling possibly on two cars. The pilot and possibly a passenger were killed. No construction workers at the site on top of the roof were injured.

Thirteen others were injured on the ground during the morning rush hour in Vauxhall, south of the River Thames in central London. One person had a leg fracture, but the remaining injuries were not serious.

Rotomotion helicopter charter company confirmed that their pilot was killed in the crash.

“Your car’s on fire! Get out of the car!

Video from showing that a man was injured at a loading dock under the crane and a good distance from where the helicopter crashed.

“No imminent risk” of crane collapse.

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Helicopter crash at Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall (

Helicopter crash near Wandsworth Road Sainsbury’s at about 08:05 a.m. January 16, 2013. www.CompleteCouriers.Com. Recorded by Jason at