Ask Paul B: NRA Response — Not Satisfied!!

Dear Paul B Readers,

It is soap box time again. Anyone who disagrees, that’s fine. This is America, you can agree, disagree, hate me (I have enough friends,) think I am crazy (you aren’t the first here) or do something about it. I have two kids, and even if I had none, I would still speak out about this NRA organization. I am now hearing that “you need guns in schools, guards in schools, metal detector machines, bullet proof glass and gun-training for teachers, principals, and other people in charge. Are you guys really serious? And what now, if a teacher loses it? The NRA still believes in that euphemism that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” My problem here is PEOPLE with GUNS!!! Yes, that’s the huge PROBLEM here…. I am convinced that there are way more people with “mental issues” today than we care to know. Economic decline has kept peeps with psychological problems from visiting professionals. Many of these troubled peeps have no insurance, much less the recognition that they have serious psychological problems. Are teachers exempt from these issues? Have you ever been angry with your child, where you just lose it? Can you imagine being with 34 kids, and “losing your cool,” especially if you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Add a gun in your desk drawer and you have a potential calamity of great proportions here.
Distributing MORE GUNS to a world where there are TOO MANY GUNS, is preposterous, or am I just over-reacting? Assault weapons, semi-automatic weapons, hand guns, or any other GUN is THE PROBLEM.

I also hear that “there needs to be a longer waiting period” before these Creepos take possession of their guns. Great, now some innocent person has a two weak “stay of execution” before Creepo blows their head (s) off. I would agree that most peeps are in their right minds, but what happens when six weeks after they are approved to own that 357 Magnum, they lose their job, lose their husband to her best friend, find out that they are HIV positive, or lose 50% of their equity in the stock market.. It happens every day, kids, and twice on Sundays. There is psychological trauma swirling around our towns, our villages and our neighborhoods, and if every Tom Dick and Creepo is “carrying,” then I do NOT feel safer at all. Let the police do their jobs….. Hire more police.. Build more prisons….Advocate mental health, and speak up when your neighbor, friend, or co-worker is wearing his clothes inside out, and threatening about blowing up the local community center. If you own a gun or five, HIDE THEM. Do not leave them in plain sight. Our country is bleeding from every pore, don’t just cry about it–DO SOMETHING!

Paul B


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