The Names: Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims

Following is a list of the victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School — released today by Connecticut State Police with birth dates included.

— Charlotte Bacon, Female, 02-22-06

— Daniel Barden, Male, 09-25-05

— Rachel Davino, Female, 07-17-83

— Olivia Engel, Female, 07-18-06

— Josephine Gay, Female, 12-11-05

— Ana Marquez-Greene, Female, 04-04-06

— Dylan Hockley, Male, 03-08-06

— Dawn Hockstrung, Female, 06-28-65
Dawn Hochsprung’s pride in Sandy Hook Elementary was clear. She regularly tweeted photos from her time as principal. Just this week, it was an image of students rehearsing for their winter concert. Officials said she died while lunging at the gunman in an attempt to overtake him.

— Madeleine F. Hsu, Female, 07-10-06

— Catherine V. Hubbard, Female, 06-08-06

— Chase Kowalski, Male, 10-31-05

— Jesse Lewis, Male, 06-30-06

— James Mattioli, Male, 03-22-06

— Grace McDonnell, Female, 11-04-05

— Anne Marie Murphy, Female, 07-25-60

— Emilie Parker, Female, 05-12-06

— Jack Pinto, Male, 05-06-06

— Noah Pozner, Male, 11-20-06

— Caroline Previdi, Female, 09-07-06

— Jessica Rekos, Female, 05-10-06

— Avielle Richman, Female, 10-17-06

— Lauren Rousseau, Female, 06-?-82
Lauren Rousseau had spent years working as a substitute teacher and doing other jobs … thrilled when she finally realized her goal this year to become a full-time teacher at Sandy Hook.

— Mary Sherlach, Female, 02-11-56
When the shots rang out, school psychologist Mary Sherlach, 56, threw herself into the danger.
Janet Robinson, the superintendent of Newtown Public Schools, said Sherlach and the school’s principal ran toward the shooter. They lost their lives, rushing toward him.

— Victoria Soto, Female, 11-04-85

— Benjamin Wheeler, Male, 09-12-06

— Allison N. Wyatt, Female, 07-03-06

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