Pipes Thinning and Pressure Drop: Homes Destroyed in Gas Line Explosion, Sissonville, West Virgnia

West Virginia gas pipeline coverage from Julie Fine of WPXI news from Pittsburgh.

The NTSB has reported there was a sudden pressure drop in a pipeline just before it exploded in Sissonville, West Virginia, but authorities have still not determined whether that was related to the cause of the explosion. Parts of the pipeline have been discovered to have lost 75 percent of the thickness of the pipeline.

Several house were damaged by a fire and explosion from an underground gas pipeline after flames reported to shoot about 50-70 feet high. Four homes were destroyed and five others were damaged.

The fire burned so hot that the flames melted parts of Interstate 77. An 800-foot swath of the interstate was damage about 15 miles outside Charleston, West Virginia.

A major gas line has exploded in West Virginia, burning five homes and shutting down a stretch of Interstate 77 in Sissonville, West Virginia.

Interstate 77 has reopened in both directions in West Virginia after crews worked through the night to repair damage from a massive natural gas line explosion and fire.