New Feature: Cardinal “THIS WEEK” for “What’s Ups This Week?”

Here’s your chance to find events, post your event, or comment on the events that The Cardinal and others post. Each week The Cardinal — will select and post events on a dedicated Facebook Page …. The Facebook wall will also be embedded on the official calendar page for The Cardinal — … The Cardinal Calendar page includes convenient links to events lists or calendars for the Village of Arlington Heights, the Arlington Heights Park District, the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, District 214, and St. Viator. More is coming soon including events calendars from surrounding communities.

Here’s how the Facebook page works. Every week The Cardinal will select events from the area, and post them to the Facebook page. You can comment, make recommendations on the events selected, or you can add your own event that you recommend. Do you own a restaurant, and want to promote a dinner special? Are you a store manager that wants to promote a sale? Or are you a fan of an event, TV show or movie that wants to promote the presentation. Feel free to comment about the event after it happens — as a mini review, for example.

All we ask is that you follow the Facebook Advertising Guidelines

Please be careful about including pricing or discount information. You’re safer just mentioning the sale and including a link to your flyer or website with relevant information. Make sure you don’t link to prohibited products (see the Facebook Guidelines …)