“Let Us Continue to Pray, Please?” After Flasher Disrupts Wedding in Church

Shirtless man flashes his bare upper body to interrupt an otherwise normal, well-planned wedding ceremony.

Here’s a viral video with a report that a man walked off the street and disrupted a wedding ceremony by flashing his chest and standing like a cross behind the church altar. In the video the man is wearing pants at the unknown church, in an unknown city.

The video shows a wedding ceremony ongoing — certainly very special to the bride, groom, family and friends. Suddenly a man appears behind the altar with no shirt and standing with his arms outstretched. The camera man, someone near the camera man, or the groom on mic whispers “schizophrenic” while the bride demands “get out” and “get him out of here” before the man calmly exits the scene. Someone — possibly the minister on mic — says, “who is he?”

The minister then says, “Let us continue to pray, please.”