FIRE COMMUNICATIONS AUDIO: Initial Fire Response for Explosion at Richmond Hill Subdivision, Indianapolis

WARNING: AUDIO IS INTENSE AND INCLUDES DESCRIPTION OF URGENT RESCUE AND TRAUMA TO SOME VICTIMS. Communications involve attempt to suppress multiple residential fires, rescue entrapped victims in multi-casualty incident and stabilize collapsed or damaged residential structures at Richmond Hill subdivision in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Aerial video in the morning from WISH Chopper 8 shows one house totally destroyed to the foundation, two house about one-half destroyed, and the remaining homes partially damaged.

Daybreak: Spokesman from Citizens Energy Group — the gas company for the area, where no leaks or gas odors were reported before explosion.

ABC News John Schriffen reports the latest news surrounding a deadly blast near Stop 11 Road and Sherman Drive on the south side of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis firefighters responded just after 11:00 p.m. Saturday in the 8400 block of Fieldfare Way to an explosion which destroyed or damaged homes in a neighborhood just south of Sherman Avenue and Stop 11 Road. Firefighters arrived to find one home totally destroyed with only a flame from a gas pipe remaining. At least two other homes were also engulfed flames. Homes were reported damaged within one block in either direction of the totally destroyed house.

Several neighbors rushed to free people that were trapped in at least one home as ash, debris, and insulation were falling like snow.

About 200 people were taken to a shelter at Mary Bryan Elementary School after the explosion. People also immediately went to the homes of family and friends. The gas has been shut off to about 26 homes in the area.

Results of an investigation regarding the cause of the explosion could take weeks to determine.

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