Second Small Dog Attack by Coyote in a Week in Wheaton Area

A Wheaton College student working as a house sitter on September 27, 2012 witnessed a 16-pound bichon frisé attacked by a coyote in the dog owner’s backyard on Stonebridge Court near Wheaton. After the house sitter heard a commotion, she checked the backyard where a schnauzer-poodle mix and bichon frisé had been let outside. The house sitter saw a large coyote was carrying away the bichon frisé in its mouth. The coyote dropped the bichon frisé when it couldn’t fit it through an opening in a 5-foot iron fence.

The bichon frisé suffered six puncture wounds to the neck, and was taken to an emergency veterinarian clinic in Lisle. The poodle-schnauzer mix was not injured.

On September 22, 2012, a silky terrier and a Yorkshire terrier were attacked by four-to-six coyotes in a backyard of a home on Mahican Drive. The silky terrier survived, but the Yorkshire terrier did not survive. After the was missing, the remains of the Yorkshire terrier were found.

Unfortunately, dogs cannot be left unattended, even in fenced in yards. Coyotes can climb or jump fences.

The location of the second attack was just north of the first attack on the other side of the Illinois Prairie Path.

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