Levee Breaks (Natural Berm) in New Jersey Floods Moonachie, Little Ferry and Carlstadt Near Meadowlands

NJToday with Mike Schneider: In Little Ferry and Moonachie, more than 1,000 people — along with their dogs and cats — had to be carried to dry land. Many were taken to local shelters because of the flooding. The water level easily reached the first floor of many homes after a tidal surge from the Hackensack River swamped barriers designed to keep the low level areas dry.

After a levee break (also described as a surge breach of a natural berm), floodwaters have rushed through three towns near New Jersey Meadowlands — Moonachie, Little Ferry and Carlstadt. The towns are reported to be devastated with 4 to 5 feet of water. Other towns in the area area also expecting flooding.

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Moonachie is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey in the Hackensack River watershed with population of 2,708.

Little Ferry is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey in the confluence of the Hackensack River and Overpeck Creek with a population of 10,626.

Carlstadt is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey adjacent to Moonachie with a population of 6,127.

When the levee broke streets filled in the affected areas within 30 minutes. About 2,000 people have been rescued or are awaiting rescue. Many people are waiting on roof of mobile homes in a trailer park. About 150,000 people are without power in Bergen County.

The National Guard, the New Jersey State Police, the Bergen County Police Department’s Water Search & Recovery Unit and all available personnel and equipment from the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, and local firefighters are going to work on rescues.

The levee broke after a 13-foot storm surge from the Atlantic Ocean and heavy rain from Hurricane Sandy/SuperStorm Sandy hit the northeast United States Monday evening.

2.4 million people without power in New Jersey.

Within a half hour of the early morning call, Soldiers from the New Jersey National Guard rushed into deep flood waters to rescue their fellow citizens in Moonachie, NJ.

It is unknown if a levee breach or a tidal surge caused the flooding. For over 12 hours New Jersey Guardsmen ferried hundreds of stranded citizens to dry ground where they were taken to a number of shelters in the area. The National Guard has transitioned to a State Active Duty Joint Task Force with more than 1,100 Airmen and Soldiers. More than 450 high-water vehicles including Humvees and heavy trucks are available to assist civil authorities. Their individual civilian and military skill sets will greatly enhance the support they provide to law enforcement, municipalities, and residents of our great state.

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