Fighter Jets Over I-355, West Suburbs, Lombard, Medinah Were on Flyover Mission for 39th Ryder Cup Opening Ceremony

Who would expect that a golfing match — even a world-renowned tournament — might start a little like an NFL Super Bowl? Musical performances, patriotic processions including flag-waving and flag-raising, and a fighter jet flyover were included during the opening ceremony of the 39th Ryder Cup in Medinah, Illinois Wednesday evening between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.. The fighter jet flyover had several people speculating that the jets might have something to do with a security incident with First Lady Michelle Obama being in town. However, it was the Ryder Cup that had the ceremonial event complete with a pair of jets in a fighter jet flyover [THANKS TO ALL WHO REPLIED WITH A COMMENT].

After 4:00 p.m. Wednesday eyewitness reports were coming in that two F-16 or F-15 fighter jets were seen flying low and fast over Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Bolingbrook, Bloomingdale and Medinah. Some reported the aircraft were cruising slow.

Excellent Flyover Details from Eyewitnesses

Saw them about 4:45-5:00 while heading South on I-355, near Downer’s Grove. They appeared to be two F-15 jets though. Maybe something to do with the First Lady being in Chicago?

— Phil (September 28, 2012 01:39 am at 1:39 am)

I saw’ em. I was on my way home from work, traveling WB on I-88/Reagan Mem. Tollway, just past Highland Ave. exit at about 1658 CDT today, and there they were on a heading of 360 and 2200 MSL. I arrived home at 1715 CDT and my wife informed me that my daughter had called her after the pair had done their third pass over their area (Woodridge/Bolingbrook area), after which my wife tells me she saw them go over one time, herself. That was most likely the same pass I saw them fly, since they continued flying due North after I spotted them.

— David Kent (September 28, 2012 01:39 am at ~ 12:30 am)

They were up there.. only they were a flight of 2 F15’s. Maybe at 1000 feet. Not moving very fast though.. kind of just lounging in an orbit that seemed to lie along 355… Speculation is that it had something to do with The First Lady being in town. One of their circuits took them right over 83rd and Janes, where I had stopped to get out and watch what they were doing. Shot a short video of them coming overhead.. Pretty sight. I did notice that the usual traffic coming out of Midway seemed to be keeping out of their way while they were in the area.

— Ray Moeller (September 27, 2012 at ~ 11:35 pm)

yes we saw and heard one jet. it flew over our lisle home off of rt 53. it went a few mile down the road and turned around and came back.
it was further east on the on the flip side, could not see it.
it was the lowest and loudest fighter we have ever seen flying in burbs.
i would love to know what it was doing.
ps maybe it was 2 jets. one going south and the other north?

— tk (September 27, 2012 11:22 pm at 11:22 pm)

Yes, I saw them in Glen Ellyn, next town to Lombard, about 4:45PM.

— Kathy King (September 27, 2012 10:15 pm at 10:15 pm)

They weren’t F-16′s. Two black F-15′s, maybe. I even thought they may be Mig 29′s in town for The Ryder Cup or something. Flying in formation right over Bolingbrook, and then circling south, west and back over the Wheaton area for about ten minutes at about 1645 hrs. No markings. Long range fuel tanks.

— T Hawls (September 27, 2012 07:40 pm at 7:40 pm)

Ryder Cup flyover?

— jeepguy (September 27, 2012 06:09 pm at 6:09 pm)

Thanks for reports!

Meanwhile back at the Ryder Cup …

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps introduced the ceremony’s co-host, Team USA Liaison Justin Timberlake, and NBC sportscaster Dan Hicks joined Timberlake, who is an avid golfer, in emceeing the opening ceremony.

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks sang the U.S. National Anthem “Star Spangled Banner,” complete with the fighter jet flyover. Fellow “American Idol” singer Joshua Ledet also performed, singing The Beatles’ “Come Together” with Soul Children of Chicago.

F-15 and F-16 videos …

F-15 takeoffs (Video by Staff Sgt. Jose Rodriguez 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs).

F-15 takeoff. (Courtesy Video Defense Imagery Management Operations Center. Produced by Tech Sgt. Willis.)

Video by Master Sgt. Jason Wilkerson 2nd Combat Camera Squadron
388th FW Participates in Red Flag 2012 Personnel from 388th FW out of Hill AFB, Utah participate in Red Flag 2012. Red Flag is an advanced aerial combat training exercise hosted annually at Nellis AFB, Nevada.

F-16s At Nellis (Courtesy Video 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
F-16s taxi, take off and air refuel at Nellis AFB).

F-16 Night Ops (Courtesy: 177th Fighter Wing — NJ Air National Guard, Video by Staff Sgt. Matt Hecht).

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