Ask Paul B: Too Many Devices; No Technology Appreciation Day?

Hey Paul B,

I have this girlfriend, and she loves to text or email—or even tweet. She rarely calls me, and I really like talking to her on the phone. There’s nothing like hearing somebody’s voice, it’s much better than looking at words. I don’t like all the texting, it is not for me. I am a bad speller and I cannot type well either. So, last weekend, we were going to go up to my lake house in Twin Lakes, Wi, and I couldn’t go last minute. My sister broke an ankle and I had to take her to the hospital. I ran out of my house with Carrie and couldn’t tell my GF that we weren’t going to Wi. I just used a phone at the hospital, and left a message at 8:45 in the morning on Randy’s cell phone. I told her not to go and that we could meet up at my house later. My parents are both in Vermont at my cousins house, for an engagement party. So, Randy naturally ONLY texts, went up to Twin Lakes and waited there all day for me. She was so mad, she broke up with me. She said that nobody checks voice mail anymore. I hate all the new devices. Is it me or do I need to be more advanced. My sister says that I am too old fashioned.



Dear Gil,

Here-Here young man. I am your shadow, and I agree with your repulsion of technology!! Adapt or Die—Give me Death. Our youth can no longer make eye contact, or carry on a conversation. They will all suffer from CPS (that’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) at some point in the very near future. They too are missing out on listening to the otherwise unique voice of a loved one or good friend. Next to sight, sound is an incomparable quality of the senses, and we techno wizards are missing out on these natural treats of life. I would like everyone to hide their IPODS, cell-phones and computers for one week. I would bet $1000 that the results will be extraordinary. People will realize what they have been missing, but I also know that THIS will never happen. My daughter would rather lose her spleen than her cell-phone. C’est la vie!, chaps!

Paul B


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