Ask Paul B: Penn State No Controversy Here!

Dear Paul B Readers,

Listening to the radio this morning–I was NOT shocked at the sanctions directed at PSU by the NCAA. This is a true and brutal wake up call to “the entire planet” that doing nothing is as guilty as participation in a crime(s). At this point, I will also “LINK” the tragedy of the shootings in Colorado just a few short days ago. You probably will see my perspective when I explain where I am going with these somewhat unrelated travesties/tragedies. James Holmes was a relatively smart man, but how in the heck was he able to cover up this hoarding of weapons, his unusual behavior and his plan of this maniacal attack on innocent human beings? Where there no neighbors, friends, family members, faculty and teachers or any “nosy on-lookers” who would have suspected that this deeply disturbed individual was about to murder someone, or at the very least cause chaos and violence? How many of us will call over a police officer when a non-handicap runs out of a car that is parked in such spots reserved for legitimate handicapped individuals? How many of us will confront someone who “cuts in line,” while trying to save a few minutes of wait time? I see it all the time, and I am one of those “nosy people” who have ratted out thieves who tried to steal merchandise, at least twice in my life. It’s not right, that I should have to pay while others steal, nor is it the right that any person feels that he can play God and take the lives of others. Was it right that German neighbors looked the other way when Jews and other innocents were murdered “down the street” from their homes? Shouldn’t they have done something, anything? When that woman from Massachusetts was raped by five men in a bar, was it acceptable that others cheered them on, or that others just “watched,” like some soccer match or form of entertainment? No way, Jose! We are all subjects of the same criticism–you are either calling the Police, trying to save someone’s life, or you are “the perpetrator and guilty party.” That is it, cut and dried!

There are way too many individuals whose “fear of getting involved” is beyond the point of ridiculous. When human beings are being murdered, raped, tortured, sodomized, robbed, or ridiculed on the Internet, it is our responsibility to at least TRY to prevent these acts. You cannot walk away, and leave it up to others. It is YOUR INCUMBENT DUTY as a human being to do everything you can to save that person(s) from further harm. What is wrong with our society? How can anyone, short of a cognitive disability, actually walk away, and have a good nights sleep, or any sleep for that matter, knowing that others are being harmed, or worse yet murdered? Aren’t we born with a conscience anymore? Has a conscience become expendable in human beings? How could those dozens of faculty members at PSU just dismiss the actions of Sandusky as “fun and games” or a minor personal issue? These were twelve year old boys, for crying out loud–pun very much intended. And now, there are Paterno loyalists who are worried about his statue and legacy? Shame on them! Shame on him!

You all know how I feel about our “free and easy access to guns,” but while we fight the good fight for much, much tighter gun control, we all MUST do our share as responsible citizens.

Please share this point of view with your friends, co-workers, families, peeps you meet at the bar, and especially your neighbors. Police encourage us to be an extension of their eyes and ears. Help them to help us—You will, no doubt, save lives in the process

Paul B.


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