Arlington Heights Memorial Day Parade Monday, May 28, 2012

On Monday, May 28, 2012, Memorial Day events in Arlington Heights include a Parade (9:30 a.m.) through downtown from Sigwalt and Arlington Heights Road to Memorial Park at Chestnut and Fremont, and a Ceremony in Memorial Park immediately after the parade (11 am).

Memorial Day Ceremony

See Arlington Heights Memorial Day parade route at

Parade route …


> Sigwalt and Arlington Heights Road westbound
> Right turn at Dunton Ave, proceeds northbound Dunton Ave
> Continues northbound to Euclid Avenue, crossing Route 14
> Left turn at Euclid Ave, proceeds westbound Euclid Ave
> Left turn at Chestnut Ave
> Ends at Memorial Park at Chestnut Ave and Fremont St
Marching route approximately 4900 feet.

Memorial service at Memorial Park after parade.

American Post No. 981 Veterans of Foreign Wars will host the Memorial Day Parade at 9:30 a.m. May 28, 2012.

Arlington’s Fallen Heroes List (as of May 3, 2011/Complete List [PDF] …)
Compiled by the Veterans Memorial Park Committee of Arlington Heights, IL from the 15 US military conflicts from the Civil War to Present Day (starting with most recent).
TOTAL … 58
Civil War … 2
Spanish-American War … 1
WWI … 2
WWII … 37
Korean War … 2
Vietnam War … 9
Gulf Wars … 5

1 Stack, James Bray Operation Enduring Freedom
2 Newgard, William “Will” Robert Operation Iraqi Freedom
3 Stern, Andrew Karl Operation Iraqi Freedom
4 Syverson, III Paul Roland Operation Iraqi Freedom
5 Schuldt, Bradley Robert Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm
6 Jacobson, Scott Nelson Vietnam War
7 Conti, Robert Few Vietnam War
8 Clarbour, Donald Alan Vietnam War
9 Dabbert, William Carl Vietnam War
10 Vaughan, Douglas Dean Vietnam War
11 Craig, Harry Lee Vietnam War
12 Schueren, Daniel Richard Vietnam War
13 Bardach, Robert Erle Vietnam War
14 Hartzell, Sammy Lowell Vietnam War
15 Martin, Jr, John Paul Korean War
16 Bloomenshine, Frank E Korean War
17 Niebuhr, Arthur World War II
18 Peters, Raymond C World War II
19 Lacina, Richard F World War II
20 Busse, Jr, Adolph Henry World War II
21 Behrens, Albert G World War II
22 Scolaro, Anthony World War II
23 Freyermuth, Harry Frank World War II
24 Sheahan, Jr, Maurice E World War II
25 Bennett, Jr, Lester S World War II
26 Gieseke, Wilbert Henry World War II
27 Henken, Warren J World War II
28 Goodlet, David World War II
29 Anderson, Jr , Elvin J World War II
30 Baugh, Morris World War II
31 Behrens, Wilbert W. World War II
32 Gardner, Robert Raymond World War II
33 Scott, James C World War II
34 Samulovitsch, Christ W World War II
35 Kreher, Howard P World War II
36 Dearie, Edward G World War II
37 Kellogg, James Hubbell World War II
38 Potter, Eugene M World War II
39 Wood, Jr, Paul W World War II
40 Syoen, Joseph Jerome World War II
41 Buncik, August Bob World War II
42 Grossi, George F World War II
43 Schane, Lyle F World War II
44 Bublitz, Franklin John World War II
45 Deutsch, John J. World War II
46 Meyer, Theodore H World War II
47 Pingel, Paul Edward World War II
48 Adam, Richard J “Sparky” World War II
49 Milligan, Douglas F World War II
50 Beese, Norman W World War II
51 Nickol, John Joachim World War II
52 Hatch, John Bartlett World War II
53 Umbright, Warren World War II
54 Hodges, David H World War I
55 Heimsoth, Theodore World War I
56 Bray, George R. Spanish-American War
57 Kennicott, Walter J. American Civil War
58 Sigwalt, Jacob American Civil War

Missing information about Ben Lyford, who is reported to have died in World War II

See complete details from the Arlington Heights Park Foundation list [PDF].

See also …
Arlington Heights Fallen Heroes List [PDF]

VIDEOS from 2011 Memorial Day at Memorial Park …

Memorial Park Wreath Laying Ceremony.

Aristo ‘Art’ Nicholson Receives Bronze Star, Purple Heart.

Nick Marchese Purple Heart.