Tornado Video Coverage from Arlington, Texas with Hail Just Before Tornado Strike

Raw video of a hail storm just before the Arlington,TX near Dallas hit.

First two videos show hail falling before tornado struck Arlington, Texas area. Remaining videos show tornados in the Arlington, Texas and Kennedale, Texas area.

Video: Hail bigger than a ping pong ball.

Video of multiple vortex tornado crossing U.S. 287 from Kennedale, Texas to Arlington, Texas (viewed from north, looking south about one-half mile away).

Video of tornado passing and a drive through the neighborhood that was hit near U.S. 287 and Sublet Road.

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Map of U.S. 287 and Sublett Road.

Video of tornado seen from Pitt Stop Cafe, 7019 East Kennedale Parkway, Kennedale, Texas.