“Lock Arms!” “The Whole World Is Watching” Occupy Wall Street Re-Occupies and Gets Arrested

GRAPHIC LANGUAGE: Video from WEARECHANGE.ORG at Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park in New York City show a lot of chaos, drama and a woman with a seizure; but no injuries were reported by police.

Occupy Wall Street protesters claim they were just talking in the park, but NYPD officers stopped the gathering when park rules were broken as protesters started setting up tents and tarps.

Protesters claim police suddenly moved in with brutality, and video shows one female protester down on the ground having a seizure. Over six minutes passed without any arrival of an ambulance captured on video. If the videographer was still there when the ambulance did arrive, he chose not to publish it. The videographer was also interacting with police and provided commentary with a high ratio of f-bombs in his sentences.

Over 70 people were detained by the end of the protest. Some of the protester consider themselves anarchists.

The Occupy Wall Street movement started about September 17, 2011. March 17, 2012 marks a six-month anniversary with a promise to pick up momentum by the protesters.

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Zuccotti Park, formerly called Liberty Plaza Park, is a 33,000-square-foot publicly accessible park on private property in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Zuccotti Park is a Privately-Owned-Public-Space (POPS) controlled by Brookfield Properties. The park’s namesake is Brookfield Office Properties’ company chairman John Zuccotti. Some of the protesters display placards that welcome visitors to “Liberty Park.” The park is popular with local tourists and financial workers.

The park’s northwest corner is across the street from Four World Trade Center.