Ask Paul B: Stand Your Ground Law


Dear Paul B,

I was just researching this “stand your ground law,” which exists in 31 states, obviously more than half, but still not all the states have adopted this law. Why is this so? I ask because it sounds like the wild west to me when people can just whip out their “22” and blow you away if they feel you are threatening them. Is that not a reason to blow someone away who told you off, or stole your girlfriend away? I wonder if Trayvon Martin was just someone that the assailant shot who didn’t like or just didn’t “bow down” to when he was playing Barney Fife. I don’t know all the facts, but this Stand Your Ground Law smells fishy to me. What’s your opinion?



Dear Belle,

Unlike President Obama, who has already taken sides in this shooting by stating that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” This is a ridiculous comment to make, especially since there has been no formal investigation of this shooting incident as of yet. I feel horrible that “anyone is shot,” but doesn’t our Pres. know that he will be inciting riots by already labeling this Zimmerman chap a killer? I have read about these “Stand Your Ground Laws,” and I am glad that Illinois has NOT adopted this, although Illinois is considering its adoption. It seems a bit too easy to me that one only need to “feel threatened.” Wouldn’t it be advised to call police first or evade the situation rather than choose the “guns a-blazing” approach?

Mr. Zimmerman had made 46 calls over the past 10 years about black people walking through his development or playing loudly, so I don’t know one iota regarding his mental state at the time of the shooting. I do have to ask this important question though “why is it that a black man cannot be afraid of a white man who follows and approaches him at night?” Don’t forget too, that Mr. Zimmerman outweighed Trayvon Martin by 100 lbs. That is one huge man, and I wouldn’t want to run into anyone close to 275 night who might be following me. We all need to make certain that there is a full investigation and that justice is meted out. It appears that the local authorities are unprepared to handle this investigation thus far, so the Justice Department will be involved and try to get it right. I read also that Trayvon’s girlfriend was allegedly on the cell phone with him, and she heard Trayvon ask “why are you following me?” We don’t know if this is the honest truth, but we do have to keep an open mind and remember that more violence will accomplish nothing. My heart goes out to the Martin family.

Paul B


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