Gas Explosion at Home Kills Josh Powell and Two Sons in Graham, Washington

Josh Powell, the husband of a missing Utah woman, Susan Powell, and subject of a child pornography and voyeurism investigation in September 2011, tells the court that his children have never been at harm, and have never been at risk of harm.

A gas explosion occurred minutes after a Child Protective Services worker brought Josh Powell’s sons to the home for a supervised visit in Graham, Washington.

Josh Powell let the boys in the house and blocked the social worker from entering. The social worker called her supervisors to report the suspicious activity and that she could smell gas. Before police and firefighters could respond, the house exploded and burned, killing Josh Powell, Charlie Powell, 7, and Braden, 5.

Firefighters responded and quickly extinguished the fire, which fully-engulfed the home. During a search inside the home, firefighters found the bodies that are believed to be Josh Powell, Charlie Powell and Braden Powell.

The boys’ mother and Josh Powell’s wife, Susan Powell, was reported missing December 7, 2009. Josh Powell told police he last saw his wife around midnight, when he put their sons in the family’s minivan and took them on a freezing, late-night camping trip in Utah’s desert.

Josh Powell and Charlie Powell were removed from Josh Powell’s custody on September 22, the same day Josh Powell’s father, Steve Powell, who was living with Josh Powell and his sons, was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography and voyeurism. Some of the images included images of Susan Powell, who is still missing and never heard from since 2009.

On Wednesday, a Washington judge had ruled that Charlie Powell and Braden Powell must remain in the custody of Susan Powell’s parents, Chuck and Judy Cox.

Authorities have no doubt the husband of missing Utah mom Susan Powell is responsible for the explosive fire Sunday that killed their two children and himself at a home in Washington state.

Susan Cox Powell was reported missing in West Valley City, Utah on December 7, 2009. An earlier check of an aera about 235 miles southwest of Susan’s home turned up nothing. She was reported missing after she never showed up for work.

Her husband Joshua has been a person of interest after he went camping in below freezing temperatures. He as never been arrested, but police say Joshua has not cooperated the investigation.

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