VIDEO: NYFD Firefighter Escapes Brownstone After He’s Engulfed in Flashover

FDNY firefighter Robert Wiedmann escapes fire with the help of Capt. Liam Flaherty.

New York firefighters searching an empty brownstone about 9:00 a.m. Monday December 19, 2011 were engulfed in a flashover in the 1100 block of Prospect Place in Brooklyn. Robert Wiedmann, 38, dove out a front window on to ladder from a ladder truck, and was helped by fire Captain Liam Flaherty. Firefighter James Gersbeck, 52, escaped via an interior door and headed down the stairs.

The ladder was raised into position as firefighter Wiedmann yelled for help. The rescue was captured on a cellphone from the sidewalk below. Firefighter Wiedmann suffered severe burns. Firefighters Gersbeck also suffered serious injuries. Three other firefighters also received minor injuries.

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Satellite image of neighborhood in 1100 block of Prospect Place, Brooklyn, NY.

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Wider area map view of Brooklyn and New York City.