Ask Paul B: Tennessee Fire-Fighters Watch Home Burn!!!

Dear Paul B,

I am shocked and saddened to learn that firefighters stood by to watch a trailer home burn right down to the ground. Have these people lost their minds? I HAD such a warm fuzzy for firefighters after 9-11, and now I wonder what’s wrong with these Tennessee BUMS!! People could have been killed, and they didn’t help because they didn’t pay $75? That is totally unbelievable, sad, pathetic and disturbing. Is a human life NOT WORTH $75?

Shocked and Sad


Dear Carol A,

Here is the deal, and you may not like my perspective at all. First of all, here are the FACTS, and you do not have them straight. The fire department requires an annual fee of $75—yes $75 American for the WHOLE YEAR!! If my mathematics serves, that’s .21 cents per day. OUCH–that hurts!! I bet those trailer park people don’t spend more than $800 in beer or $2400 in smoked sausages or even $1600 in cigarettes per year–No, just no way! I hazard to guess that these “poor souls” pay the monthly trailer park fee of $435 (on average,) as well as various sundries that everyone NEEDS. But for some reason that $75 annual fee (remember—-only .21 cents per day,) was just way too egregious for these folks. As they live out of the larger municipality (much like unincorporated areas,) residents need to pay these fees, just like taxes. If I had a choice between that over-cooked smokey link OR fire-prevention on my domicile—I wouldn’t need a CPA or a financial expert to help me with my decision.

BTW—These responding firefighters did contain the fire, as well as protect any individuals from harm. They just did their jobs-protecting those who dug deep to pay that insufferable fee. The mayor supports their stance, as do I. How do you feel when people do NOT pay their mortgage, and live quite well, when DO PAY YOUR MORTGAGE and live without certain luxuries to do so? It certainly raises my temperature a few degrees.

Paul B


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