Ask Paul B: Not Done with Blago Yet.


Dear Ask Paul B READERS,

We have all been over-served with Blago news and how he “finally succumbed to accepting responsibility” to his criminal acts. I know full well that he didn’t really succeed at raking in the millions of “tax-payer dollars” that he intended on stealing. For that, he is doubly foolish, but no more innocent or relieved of his accusations and sentencing by a jury of peers.

I was befuddled to hear my son (who is 13) crowing to me that “Dad, he didn’t kill anyone and other politicians are crooked too.” It sounded to me as an appeal for this poor, not so bright, “wanna be crook” who not once thought about the repercussions of his dirty deals and shake downs. Would we feel any better if the senate seat and other “deals” that he sought had come to fruition? I think NOT! The lesson here is that if one “tries, either successfully or not,” to commit acts of fraud, murder, robbery, etc., they are JUST as guilty.

The worst chapter of this foolish, immature, and childish twit, was that he actually believed that “the people still believed that he was innocent,” and he would prove it to the world. The life of a pathological liar is one of total disregard for reality in any sense of the word. Blago really thought, I believe, that these criminal acts were part and parcel to the office of Governor!

Weren’t these “political crimes” just part of his daily routine as Governor? His aides claimed that he spent very little time actually conducting business, but most likely spent the majority of his time on “monkey business.” He had to be stopped, and stopped he was. His reality will be observed while pondering his amazing opportunities turned to nightmare during his 14 year prison term. It is a lofty price to pay for one’s inability to realize fact from fiction. His children too will pay this price without his love, affection and physical presence. I too love my kids, but I would never risk my freedom, reputation, honor or “soul” for material gain. After all, as The Fab Four once sang, “Money Can’t Buy You Love.” Ain’t it the truth, kids?

Paul B


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