More Than 240 Arrested; 5 Charged with Felony Assault Occupy Wall Street, New York

Occupy Protesters face off with police in New York. Hundreds of demonstrators were arrested nationwide, mostly in New York.

More than 240 protesters were arrested, five protesters were charged with felony assault, and seven police officers and 10 protesters were injured yesterday in New York’s Occupy Wall Street protesters’ “Day of Action.”

RT AMERICA: “The energy for the Occupation movement has been at the highest ever. Today the “national day of action” has demonstrated the strength of the movement. There were many protesters who were arrested for civil disobedience, but remained non-violent. Lucy Kafanov sums up the important day for the massive movement.”

Occupy Wall Street protester Brendan Watts was assaulted by police after he knocked off a police officer’s hat and was thrown to the ground and beaten according to OWS reporter John Doyle.