Wild Animals: Bears, Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs Wolves Among Dangerous Animals Escaped from Zanesville, Ohio

Muskingum County sheriff police officers armed with assault rifles patrolled Zanesville, Ohio Wednesday morning, a day after police killed dozens of animals that escaped from a wild-animal preserve, and where the owner’s body later was found.

The owner of a wild animal preserve, Terry Thompson, apparently committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot after he set the wild animals free from his farm near Zanesville, Ohio. The wild animal preserve included bears, cheetahs, lions, tigers, wolves, giraffes, and camels.

About 30 of 48 animals were shot and killed on Tuesday. Bears and wolves were among the animals that were shot and killed.

Jack Hanna of The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium also responded to assist in the safe rescue of remaining animals.

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