Amazon Kindle Fire Due to Release on November 15, 2011

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says the company is releasing a $199 tablet computer called the Kindle Fire on Nov. 15, challenging Apple’s iPad by extending its Kindle brand into the world of full-color, multipurpose devices.


7-inch IPS display panel (In-plane switching with LCD crystal molecules moving parallel to the panel plane rather than perpendicular)

Gorilla Glass coating — (reformulated composition of a product called Chemcor that was first developed in 1962) Entered the market in 2008, as a high-strength alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass used as a protective cover glass offering scratch resistance and durability in handheld devices with touchscreens.

Modiifed Android Operating System

Amazon video on Amazon Silk: The web browser on Kindle Fire introduces a radical new paradigm — a “split browser” architecture that accelerates the power of the mobile device hardware by using the computing speed and power of the Amazon Web Services Cloud. The result is a faster web browsing experience, and it’s available exclusively on Kindle Fire.

Amazon Silk is a web browser developed by Amazon for Kindle Fire, which uses a split architecture with more of the processing done on the cloud. The frontend is based on the WebKit browser engine.

1GHz TI OMAP dual-core CPU
512MB of RAM
8GB of internal storage
Wi-Fi, no 3G, no 4G
No camera
No microphone

Weighs 14.6 ounces

Dimensions 7.5 x 4.7 x 0.45 inches (190 x 120 x 11.5mm)

Battery rated to last for eight hours of continuous reading or 7.5 hours of video playback (with WiFi switched off). Fully charges in approximately 4 hours via included U.S. power adapter. Also supports charging from your computer via USB.

Android Appstore (though no access to Google’s Android Market!)

Kindle books, magazines, etc.

Free Cloud storage

Kindle Fire TV commercial.