Daily Herald Reports Illinois State Police Investigation Clears Arlington Heights Police Shooting of Daniel Moreno During Apparent Armed Standoff in Aug. 2010

VIDEO: Scenes showing paramedics picking up Daniel Moreno’s 9-year-old son more than a block south of his home — a safe area compared to the situation of an apparent armed standoff involving his father, where the video also shows NIPAS Emergency Service Team deployment.

The Daily Herald reports that Illinois State Police investigators have cleared an Arlington Heights police officer of any wrongdoing after a late Sunday night response to a domestic battery case turned into a “man with a gun” incident with “shots fired” at police, and a barricade situation with an offender and his 1-year-old son inside the house. Police responded about 11:50 p.m. Sunday, August 1, 2010 to a domestic battery report of a 9-year-old boy struck by his father. Police soon found themselves in a barricade situation with apparent gunfire.

Police near the scene reported they had seen a flash and a muffled noise — possibly a gunshot — just before 12:10 a.m. Monday, August 1, 2010, inside the house. There had been activity — such as a light turned on inside the house — after the first possible gunshot. Then Dan Moreno yelled out to police officers “I see you,” and shot at police. The gun held by the offender, Daniel Moreno, turned out to be a starter pistol that was not shooting any projectiles, but police had no way of knowing that the gun was not a threat at the time of the standoff. The offender, Daniel Moreno, was hit in the head with a single shot from a police-issued semi-automatic rifle.

The Daily Herald reports that 150 pages of information about the August 1, 2010 incident and the six-month investigation were obtained from Illinois State Police investigators with a Freedom of Information request.

Details of the report include that police officers scrambled for cover while protecting Moreno’s family members and neighbors when one of the Arlington Heights police officers spotted Dan Moreno with a handgun. Another police officer heard Daniel Moreno yell out of the house, “I’m going to shoot you!” which was followed by gun muzzle flash and a loud popping noise like gunfire.

Moreno responded with obscenities when police asked if he would release the 1-year-old to safety, and more muzzle flashes and apparent gunfire followed.

While police attempted to get info about the gun from Moreno’s wife, she claimed the gun only shot blanks.

More apparent shots were fired by Moreno from the house, and an Arlington Heights police officer with a functioning laser mount, aimed at the subject and fired one shot. The house was quiet after that shot. The Emergency Service Team of NIPAS (Northern Illinois Police Alarm System) used a video camera to confirm the status of Daniel Moreno, and determined that Daniel Moreno was lying on the kitchen floor.

According to police radio communications (not the secure Emergency Service Team communications), the scene was declared secure at about 3:05 a.m. Monday.

The Illinois State Police summary contained two letters saying there would be no criminal charges against the police officer that fired the shot. A letter from the Cook County state’s attorney’s office also stated that the investigation revealed no conduct by the police officer that would “give rise to criminal charges against that officer.”

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