G8 Summit and NATO Summit Are Scheduled for May 2012 in Chicago

Both the NATO summit and the G8 summit are scheduled to be held in May 2012 in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is reported to have lobbied President Barack Obama, hard to get the summit in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is hoping to get private donors to help supplement the city’s resources for a huge security challenge.

G8 and NATO Summit Dates 2012
May 15-22
Chicago NATO Summit (second simultaneous summit with G8)
May 19-20
G8 Summit to be held in Chicago (second simultaneous summit with NATO Summit).

“G8” refer to the member states or to the annual summit meeting of the G8 heads of government — Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The G8 summit is an international event which is observed and reported by news media, which includes protests directed at G8 heads of state that protestors believe are responsible for problems, such poverty in developing countries via debt and trade policy, globalization, global warming, and the failure to find a cure for AIDs.