Resident Researches Charity Claim by Solicitor: ‘Charity Found to Be False’

Arlington Heights police received a report about 9:40 a.m. Sunday of possible fraudulent activity on North Betty Drive. Police received a report that on Friday, May 28, 2011, a person paid for a magazine subscription for a charity and then researched the claimed charity. The resident reported to police that the charity was believed to be false.

Arlington Heights police are investigating. On Thursday a message of a separate incident of suspicious activity by solicitors was reported to The Cardinal. There is no confirmation whether the description or scenario below is connected to the Betty Drive incident.

On Thursday two subjects were on the property of a home near Hintz and Arlington Heights Road. Two solicitors, unknown if they were together, rang the doorbell and then knocked on the door within minutes. The first subject was a male/black. He rang the front doorbell, and knocked on the front door with a “friendly, familiar knock … knock, knock, knock-knock knock”. Then he waved at the resident who was looking out the window. The resident opened the door and then immediately shut the door after the subject said he was “not a Jehovah’s Witness” and that “he was not selling anything”. The first subject left and then a second subject pulled a good distance up the long driveway about 20 minutes later. The second subject rang the doorbell, and then walked to the side of the house and rang the doorbell at the side door. A car — possibly a BMW — was seen parked on the driveway. The second subject was looking around the house — in the windows. The subject was described as a male/white with dark skin. A blonde woman was possibly in the passenger seat. The second subject was appeared more aggressive by walking around the side of the house, and the resident was caught off guard, because a second solicitor was not expected. the resident did not open the door for the second subject. The vehicle was described as a silver, 2-door convertible newer model, long sports car — possibly a BMW with a black top.

Readers are reminded to call 9-1-1 for all suspicious solicitors or any solicitors that violate village ordinances, such as not leaving when asked to leave, or ringing the doorbell when a “NO SOLICITORS” sign is posted at the front door.