Johnson County Deputy Clifton Taylor Killed, Suspect Killed in Venus, North Texas


A Johnson County Sheriff Deputy Clifton Taylor was killed, and a suspect was killed after a responded to a domestic disturbance in Venus, Texas.

Clifton Taylor, 31, was shot three times, in his neck, his side and his back. He was pronounced dead at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth after a flight by medical helicopter from the scene, in the 2200 block of Eagle Court, just outside of Venus, Texas.

The gunman, identified as Wesley Davis, 47, of Oklahoma, was killed when two other deputies and a Venus police officer shot back at the offender.

A second sheriff deputy, Patrick Geyer, was saved from a serious injury by a portable police radio attached to his belt. Geyer, 39, was treated for a bruise and was released from Harris Methodist Walls Regional Hospital in Cleburne.

Venue, Texas is located about 30 miles south of Venus, Texas. As of the census of 2000, there were 910 people, 332 households, and 246 families with residence in Venus, Texas. In the 1920’s the population of Venus, Texas exceeded 800, but dropped to 200 in 1940. According to U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. population estimate for Venus in 2009 is 2,910.

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Neighborhood of where sheriff deputy and suspect were killed in gunfire — location not precise.

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