“Confused Players” Try to Go Back to Work for the NFL


One confusing day after a federal judge ended a 45-day lockout, small groups of players showed up at team facilities Tuesday. They were let inside but then told they would not be allowed to work out.

When I got into this game, you know, I’ve had security guards when I got cut, you know, that didn’t want to let me in, you know, you get released and your code doesn’t work and whatever, but … to be on the contract and to come to a place that you drive here every day, you know? … in the off season. And then … it’s kind of weird … just feels awkward not to be able to have access to the facility like you normally do … and not to speak to anybody, and everybody’s hidin’ out or not available or nobody’s walkin’ the halls, or nobody’s there to be seen … it’s just awkward that it’s come to this, so. It was uncomfortable, like we shouldn’t be there. I didn’t, I shouldn’t be there. Like thanks for comin’ in, we appreciate you comin’ but, you know, let’s let all this play out, you know (rolling his eyes) we tell you wen to come back

— Brandon Moore

Comments on the YouTube channel for Associated Press for this clip have started out negative for the players (e.g., “Millionaires and Billionaires complaining over money”).