Bill to Ban ‘Blago-Like’ Highway Signs Advances

Murphy legislation to ban ‘Blago-like’ signs advances

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Drivers who were annoyed when Rod Blagojevich placed his name on Open Road tolling signs will not have to endure similar signs if State Sen. Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) has his way.

“This is common-sense legislation that prevents elected officials from having taxpayer, subsidized promotion on our highways as former Gov. Blagojevich did,” Murphy said.

Senate Bill 1344 will prohibit constitutional officers and members of the General Assembly from having their names posted on billboards or electronic message boards.

Senator Murphy’s legislation will add bill and message boards to the listing of already banned promotional styles. Previous ethics laws ban the image or mentioning of the proper name of elected officials on television, radio or in print publications.

SB 1344 passed the Illinois Senate on April 13 with a vote of 59-0-0 and awaits action by the Illinois House.