Ask Paul B: Nose Hair Alert! Just Tell Him!!!!

Dear Paul B,

My grandson told me that you have some common sense, which is a rarity these days. My companion is 77, and he is a wonderful man, and we spend much time together. My husband passed two years ago, and I just starting seeing Earl four months ago. Earl and I have become closer lately, and I find him attractive. My problem is that he has abundant hair growth in his ears and nose that I find it most bothersome. I feel bad about it, and have avoided advances from him the last few times. I have not been in the dating game for close to five decades. I feel like I need to find out how to solve my problem.



Dear BK,

YOU don’t have the problem—EARL does. You are a sweetheart, and I understand your nature to avoid hurting his feelings. If Earl doesn’t want to lose a sweet gal like you, then he needs to know what is holding you back. You could find out who his barber is (it would be easy with a few leading questions) and pay him a visit. Yes, I still go to a barber as well, because they charge $15, and when they call themselves a beautician they’ll “clip you” for $35. Anywho, ask Earls barber to give him a once over with those clippers of his, with special attention to those “trouble spots.” If these subtle hints don’t work, then just tell him that you used to trim your late husbands nose and ears, and you would oblige Earl too!
Honesty is absolutely the best policy, don’t you think?

Paul B.


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