120 Reports of Tornados Thursday and Friday: Tornado Videos from Jackson, Mississippi; Tushka and Chandler, Oklahoma

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Extreme, up-close video of a violent tornado doing damage in the west side of Jackson, MS on April 15, 2011. (Clinton, Mississippi)

Reports of 98 tornados in one day for Friday April 15, 2011.

“The tree is moving out of the road actually.” Those were the words of storm chasers as a tree that was blocking the road they were using to follow a multiple vortex tornado and wedge tornado, blew off the road from tornado force winds. The chaser’s vehicle is heard getting hit with large thuds as debris from the tornado flew toward them while causing destruction in Tushka, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

Numerous storm chaser and media reports that a large tornado moved through the cities of Tushka, Oklahoma and Atoka, Oklahoma with significant damage in both locations. Storm chasers and media also reported a large tornado began five miles west-southwest of Tushka and continued northeast.