Thousands of Protesters Line Streets to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Arrival at Lincoln-Reagan Dinner


Protesters greeted Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as he arrived at a restaurant in Brown County, Wisconsin for a dinner with local Republican leaders.

Two days after signing the amended budget repair bill, Governor Scott Walker went to Brown County for the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, and was greeted by thousands of protesters chanting ‘Shame’ and ‘Recall Walker’.

“I think as time goes by, even the people, some of the people who were pumped out outside, will realize, that the real thing that will change, is month or two down the road, all the problems they say are gonna happen aren’t gonna happen.”
— Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Political experts and political party leaders predict some, but not all, of the 16 recall efforts under way against state senators — eight Democrats and eight Republicans — will result in voters going to the polls.