Test Drive Video: New Police Interceptor from Ford: Taurus Car and Explorer SUV

Police officers Don Spence, of Dundee, Michigan; Terry Bykerk, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Lieutenant John Leas, San Diego, California; and Staff Seargeant Chris Whaley, Ontario, Canada test drive the new Police Interceptors from Ford in a Ford Taurus version and a Ford Explorer version at the Arizona Proving Ground.

The Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor ends production in late 2011. A variant of the sixth-generation Taurus will be offered to police forces. Ford is referring to the new police car simply as the “Police Interceptor”, although production models may be named “Taurus Police Interceptor”. It will be available with both engines of the civilian Taurus: the 3.5 L Cyclone V6 producing 263 hp, and the 3.5 L EcoBoost V6 from the SHO rated at 365 hp.

Testing acceleration, power and performance with Arizona Proving Ground 2.5 miles of decreasing radius twists and off-camber turns.

Police officers test power and performance on the handling course in Ford Police Interceptor sedans with the standard 3.5L V6 and optional twin-tubocharged EcoBoost® V6, and the Ford Police Interceptor Utility with a 3.7L V6.